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"We believe the individual is a person of worth and value
with the resources and abilities to be as self determining and as self directing as their circumstances allow."

Trish Janes   Sarah Oyetunde   Stephen Crowther  

We live and work in the Brighton & Hove area and our services can be delivered anywhere in Sussex.

About Us
We are members of BACP and work within and are governed by their Ethical Framework and Guidelines.



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Trish Janes

I am a BACP Accredited counsellor and i am registered on the new BACP Register of Counsellors, Certificate number 012260 . I am also a Supervisor who offers supervision to counsellors and other professionals who require clinical supervision as part of their practice.

I work from a Person Centred Approach.
My theory believes the client is the expert on their experience and life processes, and it is not therefore my role to analyse or advise or guide you. My role is to offer you a safe, non judgemental, accepting and honest space, to allow you to really explore your issues with me alongside you.

I also work with experiential, expressive and creative art materials and objects. I always have basic art materials; stones or crystals & objects; sandtrays; and Russian dolls; available in the room, if you choose to try working in this way, either face to face, or online. Mindful breathing techniques can also be worked with if you choose.

I have over 23 years of counselling experience with most issues and a professional interest in working with issues such as domestic violence; depression & anxiety; childhood sexual abuse; miscarriage loss; trauma; and coming to terms with medical ill health diagnosis... including cancer.
I also work with whatever you choose to bring to the room and individual session.


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BACP Register

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Sarah Oyetunde

I work from a person centred perspective which means that it is not my intention to judge you or analyse you. I believe that you are the expert on your own experience and during the therapy will listen and share with empathy and understanding your experience.
I believe in being congruent and am honest in the therapy relationship always taking responsibility for my thoughts or feelings when I share them with you.
Working in an experiential way, often in the moment with what comes up, I can offer various techniques that you may find useful such as focusing, chair work, parts work and art/creative therapy.


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Stephen Crowther

My personal experience of counselling at a difficult time in my life, informs my trust in the value of counselling and its potential to heal.
I am a person centred counsellor which means I work from the fundamental belief, that in the presence of certain conditions offered by the counsellor, therapeutic change can happen. I believe that counselling can help make sense of life experiences and what it means to be you - and in the process of doing so, achieve a greater level of self-awareness and self-acceptance. I believe that it is in telling the story of who we are, discovering our wounds and vulnerabilities, bringing them into the light, that the work of healing can begin.
I have an authentic, warm and gentle presence that invites clients to feel safe enough to share their issues confidentially and without feeling judged. I welcome working with a wide range of issues which could include any of the following: anxiety, depression, addictions, living with another's addictions, loss, bereavement, self-esteem, sexuality, gender, faith, spirituality, boarding school survival etc.


How we chose our name

We chose Poplar Counselling as a title / logo because we liked some of the meaning attached to the 'Poplar' tree.
Trees often have a symbolism of growth and regeneration attached to them. The Poplar tree holds this symbolism, and has special significance as it has leaves that are light one side and dark the other thus it becomes the 'Tree of Life'. It also has a place within the general range of polorisation symbols (positive -negative) We felt this was complimentary to our beliefs of the huge potential towards growth that people have, even in dark times. The process of Individual therapy can allow a feeling of change and self development for you as the client, and things can start to feel lighter.


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Contact us info@poplarcounselling.co.uk or call 07944 525304

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